Have commitment issues? Foster a dog. It isn't the easiest thing you'll ever sign up to do, but it involves cuddles and kisses on the regular.

Foster dogs need to be given lots of your patience as they are in a transition period from being neglected, a street dog, or other cases! Your home will be the best thing thus far in their life! Be proud of that and help them adjust. Over time, the dog will begin to trust you (this is where the cuddles and kisses come in).

Your dog may also be going through that "mom didn't want me stage" and test the boundaries. You have the ability to make them more adoptable by providing stability with training and being their rock, role model and best friend! We knew you'd want to!

If you have questions reach out to Robyn, our Foster Coordinator –

Future fosters needed - pregnant females & litters

Occasionally we have opportunities to bring in pregnant females or litters of young puppies, but we can't do this without available foster homes! Not only is it super important to save these dogs from the streets but we prevent the female puppies and the mother from repopulating as well. One female dog can produce 2 litters of up to 6-10 puppies a year!

We are looking for foster homes who:

- are comfortable supporting a pregnant female through birth (no birthing experience necessary, our vetting team will provide support)

- have a flexible schedule with someone home most of the time (puppies need lots of attention!)

- have access to a car and can drive to Mississauga for regular vetting appointments (approximately every two weeks)

- ideally with no other animals in the home, but please reach out if you think you may be a good fit and have other animals

Please email if you are interested to chat more about this opportunity!

Step 1: 

Complete our FOSTER APPLICATION. Serious and committed applicants only!

Step 2:  

We will contact you for a telephone interview to process your application and also call your references to check up on you and your pad. 

Step 3:

As new dogs are scheduled to arrive, we will contact you to see if you can foster. We can only save as many dogs as we have fosters for, so replying to these emails allow us to save a life. "You have 134 new messages from Save Our Scruff".     

Step 4:

Once you have been paired with a foster dog, you will be contacted to arrange pick-up/drop-off time for the dog as well as supplies. No, you will not be provided with pink sparkly dog clothes for your California Chihuahua rescue. 

*Supplies (other than remaining food, toys if used, and martingale collar) must be returned to Save Our Scruff when your dog is adopted so that we can continue to use them for future dogs we save.  Please do not give them to the adopter. And please don't keep them for drag wear. 



Shayda - SOS foster home

"I’ll be real, the rewards of fostering crept up on me. I originally signed up as a way to get to know dogs better and to see whether I could be a dog owner but now I understand the impact my care has on these dogs. It’s super rewarding to take in a dog who has had a rough past, help them adapt to a normal happy life, and see them move on to be with a family who is just as (if not more) committed to making sure they live a good dog life. And the answer to everyone’s question about if it’s hard to give them up.. yes and no. You’re sad to see them go because now you have to force your roommate to cuddle you (lol) but what takes up more space is the happiness you feel for them having found a forever home".