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Through our advocacy, education and adoption platforms, we help build communities awareness of dogs’ innate needs by equipping their human counterparts with the tools to succeed.


Committed to enhancing the lives of dogs in the human world.


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Phnom Penh, Cambodia Spay & Neuter + Rabies Vaccination Clinic

March 3-10th, 2020

Did you know that theoretically the offspring from one female dog can have over 96 000 puppies over 7 years! In the last 4 years Save Our Scruff has helped potentially reduce the pet population by over 1 billion animals. 1 billion!

On March 3rd-10th we are headed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to work alongside GeoVetinary International on our 5th Spay & Neuter Clinic and our first Rabies Vaccination Clinic.

Why Cambodia?

* little veterinary capacity 
* Unwanted animals are dumped at Buddhist pagodas
* Dog transmitted rabies is a risk for humans killing over 800 year.
* Rampant dog and meat trade.

Our goal:

* Create amazing experiences for our volunteers and communities.
* Proactively reduce the pet population and educate.
* Keep dogs safe and provide happy and safe homes whenever possible. 

Interested in this opportunity?

Questions? Email 

Please know that we only have 1 spot and are looking to have this filled as soon as possible.  



Scruff Start Up Pack – $25


Your gift could get a rescue pup set up with supplies to start their new life. These packs are specifically catered to them considering their size, background, dietary restrictions, etc. in order to set them up for success. 


Board and Train – $150


Save Our Scruff prides ourselves on taking dogs in no matter their size, age, or breed. Sometimes these pups need a little bit of help with training due to their unfortunate past. Your gift would be able to cover board and train for a pup for a week to get them one step closer to their furever home. 


No Hangry Dogs – $50


We often have dogs come to us malnourished and your gift could supply a dog with food for their time in foster care. This could also provide treats to aid in training when dogs are transitioning out of #streetlife


A+ Health – $200


We make sure all of our pups have a clean bill of health before they move on to their furever home! Your gift of 200$ could ensure that our new arrival pups get any vet services or vaccinations they need to live their best lives!




50% of Save Our Scruff’s dogs come from places outside of Canada where conditions are quite bad for stray dogs. (Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt.) Your gift can cover the cost of a scruff-in-need as they travel to their new life in Canada.


Sponsor a Rescue – $450


Be the reason a pup gets their second chance at life. A gift of $450 could cover the entire journey of a general rescue case. This would be able to provide travel, food, supplies, and a clean bill of health from the Vet so that they can transition to their furever home with ease.



F | 1 Y | Shepherd mix | Medium-high energy | Some exposure to dogs | No exposure to children | Not cat tested | Loves belly rubs

From Manitoba this mighty pup is looking for a confident foster to adopt home! Say hello to MOTLEY!! She’s looking forward to making new friends with her fam and has already done so while outside on walks with her current foster! She can be reactive to some dogs tending to use her voice as her way of showing who’s boss… but really you are and with time she’ll totally figure this out :) MOTLEY is accustomed to using a prong collar and will continue to do well on walks with human redirection where necessary from you! This gal is super interested in squirrels… think Doug from the movie Up. As such, it would be a good idea to supervise her if she’s to meet any feline friends. While MOTLEY hasn’t met any children with her foster just yet we’re thinking she’d likely do well in a home with older dog-savvy kids given her typical friendliness with adult humans. When meeting new people she does best being introduced while outside in her own time and it’s totally likely that once she’s made you her bestie she’ll want her tummy rubbed all day. It’s important that this gal gets both enough exercise as well as mental stimulation throughout the day and going for a few nice walks and playing some indoor games will totally do the trick! Her furever fam can expect to continue working with her on crate training teaching her it’s her safe space where she can sleep, eat, and play. MOTLEY is going to be SO EXCITED when she meets you! It’s important that her new home doesn’t let her get carried away and from the get-go teaches her not to jump on friends… even in such super exciting situations! Apply to adopt mighty MOTLEY today!

This scruff is available for informal meet-ups to see if you're a good fit! Please email to set up a meeting!

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