Adopting a dog requires your time, patience and your kick-ass decision to stand up against dog overpopulation and homelessness.

While in foster care, the dogs are shown what love and care looks and feels like. Once you adopt your dog they will need time to adjust to your home and their new family. Over time, the dog will begin to trust you, and feel more supported. So remember to be patient and ease into introductions to new people, animals, places, and dog birthday parties. This will all help you and your dog have a healthy and successful relationship together. To learn more, check out our adoption tips



If you'd like to meet a scruff, please complete an Adoption Application. Next one of our Adoption Counsellors will call you as well as your references to discuss the potential adoption. Then, we will put you in touch with the foster of the dog you're interested in adopting to arrange a Meet & Greet. Once you are approved, the expectation is that you will be proceeding with the adoption and asked to sign the adoption contract as well as pay the adoption donation within 48 hours of receiving the congrats email.

If you have any questions about the adoption process, please contact

Adoption Fees
(effective August 1, 2018) 

  • puppies up to 1 year *$690

  • dogs 1 year and older **$520

*If a dog is adopted under the age of six months and is not altered, the adoption fee is an additional $100 deposit and is refundable upon completion of spay/neuter. You will have one month from the time the dogs is of age (6 months) to be altered. When you provide proof that your SOS dog is altered, we will reimburse you the $100 deposit you submitted at the time of adoption. Failure to do so, SOS considers the $100 a donation and has the rights to remove the dog from your care.



What is included in the adoption fee?

For vetting details and to find out what's included in the adoption fee, click here. If you have specific questions about vetting, please email our Registered Vet Tech,


I applied for a dog and was told that there is already another family interested; how do you handle multiple applications?

We somewhat work on a first come, first served basis. The first suitable applicant received for an adoptable will be processed and if the application is approved the adopter is given 24 hours to arrange a meeting. If they choose not to adopt we move on to the next application. If the applicant is found to not be the right home for an animal, such as if the adoptable requires a home without cats and the applicant has cats, or if the adoptable requires a fenced yard and the applicant does not have one, those applicants would be denied for that specific adoptable, and we would move to the next applicant.


Can I “try out” a dog to see if they fits in with our family?

If within the first month of adoption you feel that you cannot keep the dog/cat, you will receive a refund of 50% of your adoption fee and we will take the dog back into our care. After the first month, there will be no reimbursement of the adoption fee. We encourage all adoptive families to research and decide fully prior to adopting if they are truly ready to commit to adding a pet to their family. A pet is a big responsibly, can live 15+ years and requires vet visits, training, time and dedication. As well, adults and puppies have different needs so consider if your family is able to accommodate those specific needs. If you are having behavioural or training issues with your new pet we encourage you to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you through and support you.

If you are unsure if you are ready for a pet and want to try working one into your lifestyle, we really recommend looking into becoming a foster home. Fostering can be a great step towards adoption, many of our fosters end up “foster failing” and adopting one of their foster animals.


I see a dog I want to adopt but cannot take it home right now. Can I adopt now and have the foster hold the dog until then?

Once an application has been approved, the expectation is that you will be proceeding with the adoption. We do not hold adoptables for any period of time. Each time an animal is adopted we make room for a new one, and we will not turn away other applicants in favour of someone who asks we hold the animal for several weeks or months.

My animals are not spayed/neutered, can I still adopt?

We require all adoptive homes to have their current dogs and cats spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason as to why it is unable to be done. Our rescues mission is to help control over population and an unfixed animal, no matter how careful you are, can end up procreating.


The dog I was interested in was adopted but I was already approved to adopt; do you keep my application on file if I see another dog I’d like to adopt?

We keep all approvals on file for up to 1 year. If you are on a waiting list for a certain adoptable and do not get a chance to meet them, you are pre-approved to adopt with us at any time (unless the animal requires a specific living environment, has specific needs, etc.)


Where are you located? Can I come and meet a bunch of adoptables at once?

We are 100% foster based, meaning all of our adoptables are in peoples homes. We require that you be pre-approved to adopt with us before meeting our dogs for this reason; it is a safe guard for our volunteers who foster the animals in their homes. Once you are approved to adopt with us, you are given the contact information of the foster family/families of the adoptables you are interested in, and at which time you can arrange a meeting. If you do not wish to go through the approval process before meeting an adoptable, you can always attend one of our adoption events. Be advised that we cannot guarantee which adoptables will be at each adoption events. 


Why do you ask for references?

We are 100% foster based, so all of our adoptables are in people’s homes. We call references to not only see if you’d be a suitable adopter, but also to safeguard our foster families so we know we’re keeping them safe. We ALWAYS call references, but don’t worry, we won’t interrogate them – we ask a few basic questions and it only takes a few minutes.


I am from out of the province, can I still adopt? 

At this time, SOS does not do out of province adoptions. While we can make exceptions, it is not the norm for us.